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Performance As Service

… for organizations & professionals for economy & society
We offer easy access and affordable consulting and assistance services to organizations and professionals operating in Romania.
We are organized in the spirit of a cooperative, a more democratic organization focused on authentic customer value, financial sustainability and growth.
Our mission is to improve Romania economy and society by delivering on time support, advanced knowledge and expertise to key roles: organizations & professionals. 


Achieve Your Market Potential 

Business Performance Consulting 

BPC is designed to take your company to the next stage of development. With analytical view of your market particularities and recognizing the unique nature of your company BPC identifies the optimum opportunity space to capture value and increase results. Smooth and non-intrusive BPC operates at both strategic and operational level of your company and brings clarity, guidance, solutions and support. With a very specific monthly process BPC ensures that your company will avoid pitfalls , increase cooperation and deliver a well orchestrated set of interventions to boost your business results.

Monthly Fee includes aprox 50 hours on site.
2,000 to 3,000 EURO

For Fast but Important Choices 

Express Consulting 
... for organizations

Some mile stones are turning points that can influence your business for long term with diverse implications . If your organization meets a particular problem or opportunity that requires evaluation, analysis, best approach or solution  and time is a critical factor .this service is designed with YOUR situation in mind .
EC is a professional service designed for emergencies and affordable so you can easily access it when you need it the most. We bring our diverse business expertise, we mobilize in 24 hours and stay dedicated to the cause. We can give you from 1 to max 4 days as required depending on the nature of your problem/opportunity and requests. We like new challenges and meeting new people but transparency easy access to information and clarity of purpose are the key to success    Warning : this service can be addictive use only when required and extreme care 🙂

Assistance from 2 to maximum 4 days 
500 to 2000 EURO

Payment is postservice and based on
degree of satisfaction and results. 


Express Mentoring
...for professionals

If you have a professional problem, a task , a challenge or an opportunity you need to prepare for and you are running out of time this service is exactly what you need. Express Mentoring is an individual professional assistance for emergencies.  Make no mistake, this is not classical coaching or mentoring the goal is not learning, this is about solving your problem or getting you prepared, working the probabilities and getting the best output the context and time allows.

Assistance from 1 to maximum 4 days 
150 to 400 EURO

Payment is postservice and based on
degree of satisfaction and results.


Core Business Skills
...for professionals

There are professionals who want more, faster, better, to operate at a superior level of understanding and generate outstanding performance. CBS is made to address this higher need for top & middle management positions.The course is a unique and integrated learning experience, navigating thru the most important lessons from fields like: Strategy, Business Analysis, Business Performance, Expansion, Business Economics  Organizational Behavior . Core Business Skills is 80% Hard Skill, 10% Soft skills, 10% unique insight and logic.

2 days Course + 1 individual session
390 EURO

Our Process


_define and map full set of PI & KPI on all company functions, collect and validate data


_full spectrum analysis, drill downs, forecast, causality, reveal blind-spots, deviations, gaps etc


_performance review & recommendations, design solutions & interventions, management support


_monitor to adjust enablers & routines, upgrade to sustain operational standards.


With minds for performance and hearts of volunteers Cooperativa PAS people are united by a philosophy of life, respect for individual talent and a sense of satisfaction from helping others.

As a new company our current team is made out of handful of collaborators and supporters. Each and everyone of them outstanding by expertise, unique view and commitment. As soon as the core team becomes permanent we will blast their names and faces on the site with pride and joy.
Our People are served by our President Adrian Alexandrescu Nica. An unusual individual with savior syndrome, with passion and drive to understand and achieve performance in any context that insists putting people before business and society before economy.

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Office: Doctor Iacob Felix Street, 41, Sector1, Bucharest, Romania
Telephone: +40 728 182 009